Monday, February 6, 2012

Dresden Plate, you are my my sunshine!

 Some mouth watering inspiration!

This is Jennifer Schwartz, Julie and I are switching months!  For February, we will be learning the Dresden Plate!  Here is some Dresden history of this versatile design.

Lately I'm a big fan of blue and yellow. Mostly because of this painting my mother-in-law did for me.  My sister was just here from Idaho and helped me paint my kitchen this cheery yellow!

Now down to business.  I have packages for each of you!  They each include a 12 1/2" blue base, Dresden template...thanks Jennifer R and Emily S.,  Some destructions, (yes I know I spelled it wrong...that's what my parents always called them growing up.) and a few zero calorie goodies.  (I keep trying to loose weight but it keeps finding me.)
First a Retractable Reel from Julie!  My most favorite tool!  Snap this puppy to one of the finger rings of your little scissors and hook it on your shirt and you always have your skissorz handy.

The other treat is a mini pin cushion I picked up at a craft fair and this sweet little old lady makes these using the "plug" from her coffee creamer container.  (That stuff is AMAZING in hot chocolate too...but not so zero calorie.)

Your mission, is to use charms or regular fabric in soft yellows and whites and blue if you feel the need.  The plate calls for 20 wedges total and you can repeat fabrics as much or little as you desire.    Have fun!

OK, now for some online destructions.  Use 4" strips or cut 1" off of a charm and you can get two wedges in each charm square.  Now play around arranging your 20 darlings any way you choose.

 NEXT...make SURE you are sewing a 1/4" seam!
 Start Chaining them threw.  My DS helped me push these puppies through with the fancy screw driver.  Make SURE to use a smaller stitch leingth 2 mm is GREAT...just don't make a mistake and have to unpick.  Cut some extra wedges just in case.

They sell a special tool for this but a bamboo skewer or screw driver do just fine to help push these tiny pieces through.

 Now nip the corners of the FOLDED corner, snip apart, and use this fancy shmancy turning device called a medicine syringe to help you make a nice point when you turn the self facings.

This is a young Dresden Jedi in training.  He is using "the force."

 Finger pressed and ready to go to the big bad IRON
 Make sure to use DRY heat, NO STEAM  or your pieces might stretch and warp and end up aligned with the "dark side."
Now pair them up right sides together.   The  destructions say to start 1/4' down (blue dot), back stitch up to the top and continue with the seam to the bottom.  This works great for the first one, however I am lazy and like to chain them all together.   I sew down about 1/4", backstitch to the top and go forward again.  If double reinforcement works Tripple is better right?

Jenn's famous tipple reinforcement.
 ALWAYS have the light material down, so you can press the seam to "The Dark Side" dun, dun, dun.  No really Julie taught me that.  Some destructions say to press the seams open (One seam allowance going right, the other left.)  You do what you think is best for you and your situation.    I just think it looks better not having underwear lines showing.
The Dresdens go marching two by two....
 Match up your pattern to sew foursies.
 I thought it kind'a looked like a butterfly.
 Now Make eightsies, twelvsies, and twentiesies.
Use the force to iron to the dark side.
Now for perfectly centered placement.   Carefully fold your 12 1/2" piece in quarters and iron just in the middle...use this for lining up your Dresden plate perfectly in the center.

Look at you go!  Now to decide what to use for the center and stitching it all on to make the finished block.  You are more than welcome to hand stitch this on by I guarantee I will be using the machine and a blanket stitch or something.  You do what works for you.

Just finished putting my 20 wedges together with the help of my 4 y/o!


mardie said...

Jennifer, this looks exciting! I have always wanted to try this. I'm looking forward to your package of goodies!

I have a question. When you are stitching "two's" together, it says to start 1/4" down, backstitch and then sew the seam.

How far do you backstitch? to the actual folded fabric, or do you sew forward from the 'dot' and then backstitch to the 'dot'?

Also, I presume that the center is 'turned' applique? not a raw edge? How do you want it stitched on the backing? Or are you really leaving that all up to us?

(I love how personalities come through in our tutorials!) I am going upstairs to check out my whites and yellows! Woo Hoo!

Photo Jenn Inc. said...

Hello Mardie!

Great questions! Maybe between me and the destruction sheet we can clarify.

When starting 1/4" down from the fold/self facing, you backstitch up 1/4" to where you would normally begin stitching the seam. This hides the threads and strengthens the seam so it won't pull apart before it is appliqued on the quilt.

The center will come next. The pattern will be in the kit. You can do it several ways. I'll show you two of them soon!

Thanks for the questions.

Jennifer R. said...

I am excited to do this as well! I have wanted to try this pattern since Emily made that beautiful pillow for the YW/YM auction last year!

You did SO much last night and got it all posted! You are superwoman!

I am totally motivated to stitch down my Christmas trees to get to your dresden!

PS! Hancock's is having a FQ sale for 99cents each beginning Thursday. (precut FQ's only) Don't go before I get there though! hehe

llewellynw said...

I got my goodie bag and was so excited. I've always wanted something to put my scissors on, because I'm continually losing them.Thank you Julie. The ring is classy...Nikki said,"I would "sew" wear one of those. You have to know N., she means as an accessory. It will be so handy to have pins at your finger tips. I am also ecxited about the Dresden pattern. I want to make one someday of my own. Thanks again for the fun stuff.

mimisuu said...

I absolutely love your tutorials! They are so fun to read. I've always wanted to do a Dresden Plate but have never had the courage to try. Now I can do one and gain a whole new level of confidence. If you want to leave my bag, Connie's bag, and Mardie's bag in a bag on your front doorstep I can pick them up on my way home from seminary. I can drop off Mardie's while I'm taking my kids to school since we pass right by your house. I will even go to the right house this time Mardie....light brick not dark brick!

mardie said...

Marnita, that would be great! I can't wait!

mardie said...

Marnita, I can give you your Christmas tree then too! Call me when you can come by.