Wednesday, March 7, 2012 time.

Here are the destructions...Better late than never?????
There are 2 GREAT ways to get a perfect center circle for your Dresden.  The first method is using a used dryer sheet  The second a cardboard circle.
#1 Dryer sheet

Trace your template on the used dryer sheet. (NO seam allowances.)

Place on RIGHT side of fabric and stitch with a smaller 2mm stitch length ON THE LINE.  Trim  to 1/8".

Separate the two layers and make a snip large enough to turn the fabric through.

The bud is forming into a beautiful flower center.

A center is born!  Now put your finger inside and finger press all the way around.  Take it to the iron and  press it from the fabric side.
 #2. Cardboard template.
 Soooo I cut my circle out awhile ago and lost it, however the negitive space made a great stencil to trace my circle onto my high tech hot dog box.  I suppose you could use ANY cardboard, but my sponsor Oscar Mayer won't allow me to recommend it.

GUESTAMATE a 1/4" seam allowance all the way around and cut on that line.

Use the old needle and thread trick to make a gathering stitch all the way around this bad boy.

Turn the RIGHT side of the fabric DOWN and place the cardboard template on the WRONG side of the fabric.

pull the two ends of your gathering stitch and secure with a knot or stitch, or both.

 Take it to the iron and give it some heat.  Steam or startch or both or dry, doesn't matter just get it flat.

Now carefully take that fancy cardboard out.

Here are the two methods back sides side by side so you can compare.

Here is their "better" side.  The top one is the cardboard template the bottom is the dryer sheet.

Secure with pins and sew it down.  You can use a decorative stitch, zig zag or straight.  If straight I would use a longer stitch length.  I LOVE using shinny thread.

Have fun!  I know I did!!!!


mardie said...

Thanks! Now I have a bunch of good ways to make circles. Hope the one I did for you is ok!

mimisuu said...

Cool! This is great info.