Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Diddy Kong

I love this boy. Courtney's son, my nephew, Connor- 8 year old spitfire....like his mama ;) This boy loves him some Donkey and Diddy Kong. Any of you that may have little boys know them of the Nintendo persuasion. But Connor LOVES monkeys, period- but especially the Kong's. Anyway..I happened along these on the internet..and I thought they were funny- and a little boy's OR girl's dream.In case you were wondering..that's Mario, Princess Peach, and Donkey Kong. You could even do these on a smaller scale like a pillow. I think it's cool because it proves that quilting is versatile- it's not just windmills and baskets-which are great- but you can come up with anything.

So..Courtney, I think Connor really needs a Donkey Kong quilt. Why don't you get on that, and get started? (((wink))) HA!

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Lara Mackelberry said...

oh my goodness, my boys would absolutley LOVE these!!! Awesomeness.