Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hey Ya'll! How you Do-rin?

Hello Ladies! I'm Nikki, and oh so excited to be a part of this group! A bit about me...I have a degree in Theatre and work as a costume designer/technician. I freelanced to sundry places and theatres around, until I found my home and settled down at the AR Arts Center Children's Theatre. I absolutely love it. After working really hard on a show, one of the best things is to sneak into the audience and hear the kids reaction to the show. Makes it all worth it.
I also have two pups that I love, love- a toy poodle and Bichon Frise- Arlie and Mia. I'm definitely a dog person and can't stand to watch those ASPCA commercials. I want to save all the dogs! But not in a creepy way....right? ;) I love to craft- I learned my way around a hot glue gun at a young, young age...shout out to my mama right here....She was always hot gluing something on a hairclip. Or a piece of wood. I knit, forge and make jewelry, scrapbook, decoupage, all of that fun stuff that I love to do, but rarely have the time to devote to all of it. Which brings me to Trading Pieces! I'm so excited to do this, because let's face it, quilts have gotten hip! With all the fantastic fabric out there, there's so many possibilities..whew...my heart beats fast just thinking about it...I love this idea, because I can make a square a month- we can all make time for that, and someone gets a lovely quilt in the end! I do have to be honest though...I usually skipped mutual the nights we learned about quilting. I wanted nothing to do with such a "mom" skill. HA! If I could see me now...I know I spend most of my days sewing for work, but I'm producing things like this:

So...Things like this:

scare me a bit. SO MANY pieces! So many straight lines!! So much precision!!! People are looking at it close up! But I'm ready and excited for the challenge. It's been good for me thus far...dare I say it's a bit addicting?!
Well..that about sums me up. Again, so excited to have started this venture and to have my mom and sister by my side- and to get the chance to get to know all of you a bit better. Fun Times. Yeah...this is long...sorry ;)

Here's my first official quilting attempt, for you, Jennifer!

I fell in love with the racing vintage police cars and old timey microphones ringing out "Calling all Cars!" Reminded me of a bunch of little boys ;)


Courtney said...

Ooooh, gurl. I love you to pieces. You are such a cutie. Your block looks great. You are so very talented. And I remember quite well how young you started out with a glue gun. Must I remind you of the time I rescued you from one? Not pretty. Mwah! :)

mardie said...

Love the "square". Good job. My grandkids are getting older now. Must bring them to the Children's Theater. Cool stuff!

mimisuu said...

I am so glad you could be in our group. Your square is so cute.