Monday, September 5, 2011

With Hat in Hand

So...This kind of reminds me of the feeling you get when you miss a class in college- and you know the teacher pretty well...and you feel bad for skipping said instead of fessing skip again. And again. Until you are completely embarrassed you drop the class. Not that I have any experience in doing that. I just heard that's what it was like. Okay...I did have a really bad semester one time- that I like to blame on a boy. Anywho..sewing. My deepest apologies to you ladies I
"owe" blocks to. I got so freaked out by Jennifer's block- I just froze and stopped. Not an excuse- the truth. I could tell you how crazy things have been the last several months at work and how I'm working on a wedding dress for a friend--but we're all busy. And I am sorry. Maybe next time I should try a 6 month quilting circle..And it's not that I have forgotten you..I have thought over and over "What type of modern flower is modern enough for kristen?" "Is this fabric 'holiday decor' color enough for Laura?" "I have to keep all my scraps for Mardie" "What goes with chicken? Potatoes?" "Jennifer--AAAHHHHH!!!!" Inner monologue-no outer action. I will say Jennifer's square is done! (Thanks to the help of my be youutiful talented Courtney) Will post and get to you ASAP. The others seem so much more doable now. Again..sorry ladies it is so late and sorry I let you down. I hope you still want them- because you'll be getting them! much love! xonik


Jennifer R. said...

Nicksters! I feel bad. I have a bad habit at looking at something and claiming victory over it before I make any effort. I think "That's neat, I can do it." And then so often I'm in trouble. lol. Anyway, I'm sorry that the Dutchman's Puzzle caused heartache. truly.

I know I can speak for my fellow quilters when I say you are not letting anyone down. I've often thought about you and wondered what your schedule was like. I wondered if you'd be interested in coming over and attempting this quilting stuff with me! Of course, coming over to my place would mean enduring a little chaos. not much. ;-]

I can't wait to see my block. I'm currently working on Mardie's scrappy block. I've also had LOTS of inner monologue and not much action... except chasing after my four kids and their endless requests.

Much love to you! Let's hang and quilt or share inner monologue sometime. =-}

mimisuu said...

Hang in there girl. I am just catching up! We are learning. Next year this circle will run smooth as glass!

mardie said...

One of my mantra's over the years has been...


Hey, girl. We all have been over our heads and too busy and struggling to get things done. Look how everyone has been catching up. It is very exciting to watch.

Lara Mackelberry said...

no problem, glad you are still in!!

Nikki said...

You guys are all so sweet! Thanks for the encouragement- and understanding! Jennifer, I'd love to get together sometime! Much love to all of you! Postings coming ASAP.