Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Beautiful Day... to post progress!

This is Kristin's May Flower! I had most of it done forever. I recently finished the stems with a running stitch using embroidery floss. Kristin- I'm sorry it's so late. I do hope you like it!

This is my Scrappy Star for Mardie. I'm so happy to have it finished for you, Mardie!

Another Scrappy Star- by Jennifer Schwartz

Julie, I've finished your chicken block!!!!!!! I was just so excited to give it to Jen, that I forgot to take a picture of it. Would you post a pic when you receive it? I hope you enjoy it!

Here are some other things I've worked on since my last post.

Double Hour Glass Quilt - I pieced together about half of these blocks and then began sewing the blocks together into rows. My mom finished the project while I was busy with kids and activities this summer. This was a gift for my cousin, my mom's nephew, Tyler Dillon and his new bride. I LOVED the way it turned out! The top was SO easy (and quick) to put together. We used the tutorial from Cluck Cluck Sew. You can find it here.
Here is a closer picture which includes the simple quilting that my mom did on her regular sewing machine. It was the stitch in the ditch method. I think she did a lovely job!

I am fortunate to have my Mom and Dad in my life a LOT! My dad worked on a small garden in my backyard this summer. These four products were a sampling of what came from his hard work! Why, yes, we did try the MIDDLE of this honey of a watermelon FIRST! I'm not ashamed. =) It tasted as beautiful as this picture looks. My mouth is watering.

I love to make these bookmarks for birthday gifts for my daughter's friends when I can squeeze in the time. With two children still in diapers, I don't get to do it as much as I want. I had made many a bookmark before I finally did one for myself! Isn't that how it is!?

I made some scrappy flower pins recently. They were fun to put together. I pinned them to a blank card and used a green color pencil to draw in a leaf under the flower. I think the presentation was fun. I've already given these out and can't wait to make more.

Next up for me- is Lara's Christmas Tree's. I've got most of my fabric... but I'm missing a neutral background. I think it warrant's a trip to Hobby Lobby fabric department, don't you?

Happy Sewing!


Courtney said...

I love, LOVE it all. You've been so busy "creating". Your stuff is so cute. How did you make your bookmarks? My kids would love them.

Jennifer R. said...

Thank you! Welllll.... you know how I am with Tutorials! hehe... But, I'll give you a quick walkthrough... First, I monogrammed their names on the front of the fabric. Then, I sewed the back fabric, front fabric, and stiff interfacing (wrong sides out) down the 2 sides and on the bottom. I turned the bookmark inside out via the top opening. (This is very difficult, so you have to make sure your bookmark is at least 2.5 inches wide.) Along the top of the bookmark, I fold the top and bottom fabrics inside the bookmark and slip the ribbons in before I do a quick top stitch. Then I add a decorative stitch around the entire bookmark. In the last batch of bookmarks, I made sure I used a different thread on my bobbin thread for a little more pizazz!

kristin said...

I LOVE the double hourglass quilt! I am so inspired! Nice work, friend!

Courtney said...

Thanks, Jennifer! I'm going to have to make some. So fun!

mardie said...

Wow! Jennifer, what great work. I am so excited about the stars. They are bright and so creative. I think the flowers for Kristin are so pretty. Love the flowers, everything. I am so inspired by everyone's work.

mardie said...

I should have said, "Jennifers" what great work! Both of the stars look great. I am excited to get them! Thank you both!