Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New Bedroom Projects!

My mother in law is coming to visit today and I have been burning the midnight oil to get my Rainbow ticker tape quilt done - oh, and some pillows - oh, and some pillow cases - oh, and the "shabby chic" on the "wall bed" looks, well, shabby - so let's throw together a duvet - oh, and some more pillows.

Yes, I feel a little like I am staying up all night crocheting some pot holders... or was that cross stitching on the pot holders... anyway, ta da! I love it!


Jennifer R. said...

Oh, Mardie! I love it all! That would be such a fun room to stay in!

mardie said...

Thanks, Jennifer!

I realized when my mother in law came that, wait, I need to make a new valance and new curtains for the french doors! LOL. Totally forgot about them. But I am excited to figure out something for them.

I guess I am going to make my 6th trip to JoAnne's for matching fabric! (I thought I had made my last trip about 2 trips ago! Ha!)

Photo Jenn Inc. said...

You are AMAZING! Your projects are soooooo wonderful! Your MIL is a lucky woman in SO many ways!