Friday, May 17, 2013

Sampler quilt and Mardie's Double Hourglass... Coming along!

I have been working on making duplicate squares whenever I am able and have the time. These are the squares I have chosen for my first "sampler" quilt. (I have more squares for a second!) They are examples from the first 2 years of Trading Pieces and 12 Squared.  It is a little like "I spy... my square!" Can you find yours? (I will be changing out one of the "Granny Squares" for a "Dresden Plate" I am working on.) 

Any ideas for sashing? Don't quite have a handle on that yet. All I know is that the squares look better separated than mushed together. 

 Below is what I have so far for my "Double Hourglass" quilt! I am loving how it is coming together. The bright colors you have chosen are perfect! Mixed in with the squares that I have made, it is looking just like I wanted it too... except not big enough yet. 
Thanks to: Connie, Marnita, Maria Mae, Sherrie T, Emily and Llewellyn for sending such gorgeous squares. It's another game of "I spy... my square!" Can you find yours? It will be so fantastic when all the squares are in!
I am SO excited to sew this one together! 

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sdillon said...

Love your Hour Glass Quilt. Vanitta and Jennifer R made one of these for our sons wedding and It is such a fun quilt. It is on the top of my to make list.
Sherrie D.