Thursday, February 21, 2013

February's block: Double Hourglass for Mardie

Here is my inspiration: From


I really like the bright colors in this quilt. Brights that contrast beautifully with the Kona white. 
Please choose bright colors like:
 Spring greens, summer blues, bright reds, Sunshine oranges and yellows, turquoises, etc. from your own stash.
I even like the black pattern. 
I love the patterns represented in the inspiration quilt too. 

1. First of all, cut a 7 1/2" SQUARE of CARD STOCK (when I say square, I mean square! Take it from me, this will not work with a rectangle!). 

2. Cut corner to corner both directions. *One of these triangles will be your template.

3. Cut 2 strips from selvage to selvage lengths of your fabric, each  
2 1/4" wide strips. One in KONA white, the other in your choice of colored fabric.
4. Using 1/4" seams, sew the 2 strips together then press towards the color. 
5. Fold strip in half, lining up edges perfectly. Then lay your template down, on the strip. Center it and mark the on the joints between the white and color on the template. This will help you place it consistently in the other cuttings. 

(Here is my mark.) 
6. Cut your 1st triangle, then turn the template and cut again. Twice. You will make four double triangles. (I used some scotch tape to keep the template in place while cutting the fabric triangles.) 

7. Here are your 4 double triangles.  
Arrange them into your blocks before sewing. 
Each square will have 2 colored sides and 2 white sides.
 8. Sew block to each other like this: Match the seams. 

9. Press seams open to reduce bulk. 
Then match the 2 halves to each other matching the seams and center. Press seam open. 
 10. When you are done, you will have TWO squares. They are actually identical, but will be turned when I assemble the quilt. 
 11. Please don't square them up. I will do that. 
Please use all 1/4" seams.
Please press seams open. (I know, weird for Mardie.)
The finished squares will be approximately 6.75" square.

Have fun!
Thank you, in advance!

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Jennifer R. said...

Yay! My mom and I have experience with this block already. This quilt will come together very quickly for you! It is beautiful also!