Monday, September 17, 2012

September House for Jennifer R.

1.  Put away your kona white.  Pull out your bright colored scraps.
2. Think Gypsy sister meets Dr. Suess.
3.  Use appliqué or a combination of methods of your own choosing and build your little piece of heaven on a 12.5" by 12.5" block.

You may use a lighter color combination for the background, but please use bright colors for your house.  You may add trees, bushes, a garden, a car, a dog, a mailbox, a turtle, the SUN or anything else to your house block.  Also, you don't have to use a blue colored background for the sky.  Remember all of the different colors that you may see... yellows, purples, oranges, you name it, it's been there!

I have been searching on the web and looking at houses for a year.  If you search "houses quilt block" and then choose to look at images... you will be overloaded with ideas.  Please steer clear of the plain log cabin looking block that is out on the web.  If when you are finished, it looks like a 9/10 year old girl designed it, it is PERFECT! Wonky is perfect. Unrealistic is perfect.

Remember, please don't used plain white fabric.

There are many things I am offering you:

1- If you would like some wonderunder or other double sided sticky stuff to help adhere your house pieces to your background, I would be MORE THAN HAPPY to mail it to you!  Just leave a message for me on this post OR shoot me an email or a text!  I have heard/seen some people use glue stick to temporarily adhere your fabric to the background.  It is up to you.  I've used it before and it get's you a little sticky... but it may simplify the process slightly.

2- If you would like for me to provide you a 12.5" x 12.5" block for your background to build your gypsy sister's Dr. Suess styled luxury dream home, I would be MORE THAN HAPPY to send that background piece to you.

3- If you would like a piece of my wood printed fabric (THANKS Emily Sigler!) I would be happy to include that to you in an envelope.  If you would like a cute stack of "little apples" scraps that may include turtles, children, trees, squirrels, shoes, I would be happy to include that to you as well.

Here is a close up shot of my clothesline.  It's not perfect.  That's okay.  You can see here that when combining my two fabrics for my background I sewed them right sides together, ironed open, and trimmed down to 12.5" by 12.5".

Here is a closeup shot of my chimney.  I had planned to hand stitch whimsical smoke.  But sitting behind my machine is so much easier.  ;-)  You can also see in this picture that I appliquéd the house onto the background but did not use the appliqué method for attaching my roof to my house.  I sewed it right sides together then ironed it open and trimmed.  You can "build" a house like this using a log cabin style method.  I only used this method a couple of times.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me!!!  Also, I'd be happy to host a sewing day to help you all out.  Does anyone want to come to my house the Tuesday the 24th or Wednesday the 25th?  Say 10a-1p.  Just leave a post to this message or contact me!

Thank you ladies!  Oh, and of course, I don't expect to see this block by the end of September.  But, I'd be happy to have you over and help you bring your wonky, gypsy colored, Dr. Suess styled dream house to reality (on a block of fabric.)

Hint:  If you draw out your plan to size, you may use this drawing as a pattern to cut your fabric and wonder under.  It works very well!!  Hope you enjoy this month's quilt block!!

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mardie said...

Oooo! Jennifer, this looks so fun!

I will NOT be able to come next week. Wish I could, but can't. Let me know if you schedule anything later than the 28th of September!