Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hello 2012!

Hi guys! If you haven't responded to Marnita's question: "Are you interested in returning to Trading Pieces for a FABULOUS February 2012 START", please do so quickly! My sewing machine is sitting in the corner purring at me ready to get started! .......Whoooooooooo's IN?????

Also, do you have Llewellen's block? I have one, and I think Marnita has one... Anyone else?

Let's get busy!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!


mardie said...

I'm in and have a few ideas for others if we still need members.

I do not have Llewellyn's block... I got worried and checked to make sure.

I am excited about a new start with Trading Pieces.

I agree... Woo Hoo! (I wish my machine purred)

(By the way... who are those really creepy "Members" under our "Followers"? Top left corner. (At lease we know the "shady character" at the bottom of the square without faces!)

mardie said...

I am talking to a few friends who might be interested. I'll keep Marnita posted.