Saturday, October 12, 2013


Here is my inspiration for my quilt. It comes from This quilt is going to be for my mom.... who LOVES butterflies. She is having a difficult time right now, and this would be the most perfect thing to give her some extra comfort.

So, I am sending everyone pattern pieces. There are 2. A and B.  The "A"pieces are the wing pieces and "B" is the middle piece of the butterfly.

 First of all I really want happy and bright colors.... no black or gray please. The "wings" will be all the same material and piece B that goes in the middle will be a coordinating fabric. Step 1: Trace the pattern pieces on the back of your fabric. You will need to trace piece A four times. Step 2: You will also need Kona white to sew the pieces on. The Kona square needs to measure 11 1/2". 

Step 3: Arrange your pieces. Center them the best you can. Leave around 3 1/2" on top. (That's so I can so antenna on each butterfly.) I used some heat n bond to secure the pieces. Then sew the pieces and viola! Allrighty! Hopefully this will be easy peasy cheesy! Thanks everyone!!!!!

I obviously made some oopsies, but I know everyone will do a much better job than I did!!!:)


mardie said...

This looks so cheerful! Your mom will love it!

mardie said...

I need my patterns!