Friday, July 12, 2013

Where's the beef? (I mean fabric!!)

Hey Ladies I know we are all busy, busy, busy right now with summer stuff and kids but we really need to work on some squares that are missing for people!!  We are missing squares for everyone who has completed a tutorial since January (Connie - String Star; Mardie - Hour Glass; Sherrie T - Nine Patches in Paradise, and Emily - Feather).   These ladies are patiently waiting for their squares so they can finish up their quilts!! 

Also, we need tutorials from you!!!   Jennifer R had May for everyone to work on her squares but we need your tutorial.  Llewellyn had the month of June for her square and we need that tutorial as well.

Vanitta has July so we need that tutorial also!!!  

Please try to get the new tutorials up as soon as you can.  

If anyone needs help with their squares there are several people in the group who would love to get together with you and sew!  Sometimes working in a group to sew helps motivate us to get the squares finished and posted on the blog!!




Jennifer R. said...

Hello ladies, Here are my stats. My block for Connie's is complete. Mardie's blocks are complete. (Side note to Mardie: I am the culprit. While digging out my half finished blocks for you, I found your squares that mom completed for you a LONG time ago.) I nearly have labor pains. Finding those squares hurt my ego so much. I'm so sorry. Emily's block is about half done. I have half of the fabric that I will be shipping you for my May quilt block cut out. I'm taking Jillian to Meet of Champs for a swim meet in the morning and I'm leaving town on Sunday for two weeks. I hope you all want to be my friend still after my lagging quilting ways this year.

mardie said...

Jennifer, No worries. I'm excited to get your squares as well as your mom's. Have a great trip.

sdillon said...


Connie, Mardie Sherrie T. and Emily should all have their blocks from me.
I have not posted pictures because for some reason I can't seem to access the post option.
I am working on my block for August and you should all have the fabric some time the first week in August.
If I can resolve the the post issue I will do an online tutorial, if not you will all receive the pattern and printed instructions with your fabric kit. It is not difficult, it should be a pretty fun one to do.
Watching for fabric from Jennifer R and Vee.
Sherrie D.