Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Now for 2013!!
Connie, Here is yours! I love your colors. Its going to be beautiful!  I learned a lot doing yours, I hope you like it:)

Mardie,  Last but not least!!! I love that it was so easy, right up my allie!  I think I'm going to do one of these too.   I hope I'm one of the first to do yours this year at least one of the firsts to post:):)

Now for March!
While traveling through Wyoming and Utah I bought a McCall's Quilting magazine July/August issue. This quilt was designed by Beth McGinn and she calls it, "Nine Patches in Paradise". Here's the completed square Lots of color!

You will each get:
 3 - 2" X 20" strips of material 2 lighter colors and 1 darker color.
 3 - 2" X 10" strips of material 2 darker colors and 1 lighter color.
 5 - 5" X 5"  squares
 4 - 2" X 2"  squares of 5 different colors (so total of 20 2" squares)
 Your colors may not match mine.
First choose one color of the 2" x 2" squares.  Draw a line diagonally from corner to corner on all 4 squares.  Next choose a contrasting color of the 5" x 5" square.  Place the smaller squares on the larger (right sides together) with the corners matching up.  Then sew on the diagonal line you have drawn. Trim at 1/4" hem allowance and iron seam toward the triangle.

Now sew the 3 - 2 x 10 strips together, place the darker colors on the outside.  
Then sew the 3 - 2 x 20 strips together placing the lighter colors on the outside. 

 Now take the 10" strips and cut into 4 - 2" segments.
 Take the 20" strips and cut into 8 - 2" segments. You will use these to make the 4 more 5" squares to complete the block.
 You will take two segments from the 20" strip and one segment from the 10" strip. Place the segments from the 20" strip on the outsides of the segment from the 10" strip. Do this 4 times completing 4 more 5" squares.   Alternate the colors so the matching colors are diagonal to each other. See below.   (ignore the red square below the 9 small squares I'm describing right now:))

Now arrange like I have below. Take the 5 original squares placing 4 of them on each corner and one in the middle. Take the 4 new 5" squares made from the segments and put them in between the others.  Sew together like my first picture   Enjoy!      (By the way if you have like colors that you would rather use feel free. The more different colors the better. It wouldn't bother me in the slightest)


mardie said...

Way to go, Sherrie! I love my squares and am excited about your choice for March. It is so colorful. You have been one busy girl!

Dr. Mom said...


Your squares look wonderful!! I am so excited to see my blocks coming together!

I LOVE your choice for a block!!! This is going to be so fun and what a beautiful quilt it will become!! Can't wait to get my fabric and get started!