Monday, June 4, 2012

Let's make the Pinwheel for June!

May I suggest that we make the Pinwheel square June's square and just not worry about May. That will give us a real month to make the square. It also may mess up the rest of the year, but with Julie leaving the group, it may actually help. Can we just shift things?

What do you all think?



Connie Tollett said...

I would really like to continue with the schedule. We have to recruit another trader and if we shift months this would not allow the new trader a month. I did switch June to Connie to give Sally a chance to catch up. She is posting her square today or tomorrow. What does everyone else think?

Connie Tollett said...

The above comment was by Marnita and not Connie. I borrowed Connie's computer and forgot to sign her out and sign me in. OOPS!

mardie said...

Whatever you decide is fine. I will be sewing up a storm in July... it is Missionary crunch time with Sam right now. So, I will be late, ladies.

But, better late than never!

emilysigler said...

Either is fine. Any ideas on a new recruit?